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Adult Learners’ Week celebrates the wealth of adult learning opportunities available in Australia.

Community education is open to people of every age and educational background. Each year hundreds of thousands of Australians study trade skills, agriculture, business, computing, art and crafts, music, health, cooking and languages through community education providers.

Community education is affordable and is offered in friendly settings, including community colleges, neighbourhood houses, libraries and TAFE. Some migrant resources centres offer education programs, and they can also help you find a course to meet your needs. You can join an informal activity group, a one-day workshop, or a course over several weeks or months.

Non-accredited community education (courses that do not lead to a formal qualification) can be a valuable way to prepare for further education, employment, or a career change. A short course can help you gain new technical or professional skills, explore personal interests, improve your communication skills, and meet people in your community. You will become more familiar with the Australian education system and develop the confidence to pursue new opportunities in work and study.

Good luck on your journey of lifelong learning!