About this site

The Lerni website [www.lerni.net.au] is an online multilingual resource kit for ACE (Adult Community Education) providers working with emerging communities across Australia.

The website was launched during Adult Learners' Week in September 2010.

Lerni is an Esperanto word meaning learn.

The website provides:

  • Information promoting the importance of adult learning through HTML, video and downloadable documents
  • Languages include English, plus key languages of emerging communities from Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia
  • A series of introductory computer training workbooks will be available online as a training resource for ACE providers
  • State by state resource listings, including links to directories, major ACE providers and support organisations

This project is funded by the Commonwealth through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the site has been developed and is hosted by VicnetState Library of Victoria. Valuable support for the project has been provided by AMES.